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Texas Imperial Software DefCon 18 challenge

MVP Mug Shot 2I rarely write about my business on the blog here, and perhaps I should do so some more.

I mentioned in the post earlier today of how I’d “hacked” my badge (“hacked” in the sense of “that’s not programming, that’s typing”) to display the Texas Imperial Software and WFTPD logos, and the wftpd.com domain hosting our web site.

Also, that I’ll be wearing my bright orange Texas Imperial Software t-shirt.

So, here’s the competition:

Take a photo of the Texas Imperial Software logo either from my shirt or my badge, post it to your blog (or other web-site), along with a description of where you saw me, and a link to Texas Imperial Software’s web site, http://www.wftpd.com, send me an email with a link to your site, and when I get back to the office, I’ll email you a free copy of WFTPD Pro – and as long as your page stays there for six months, you’ll get free updates the same as the rest of our customers.

What can you do with the free copy of WFTPD Pro? You can host your own secured FTP server, using the FTP over TLS protocol defined in RFC 4217, and also known as FTPS. Of course, what I’m guessing you’re going to do is hack on it – and that’s OK, providing that you notify me by email before(*) publishing your results. If you turn that hacking into a paper for a con, give me the opportunity to support your presentation, whether that’s with rebuttal, fixes, or mere apologies (sorry, can’t afford money).

The closest thing I have to a catch for this is that it has to be your own unique photo – I’ll be comparing all submissions for similarity, and the best way to avoid duplicates is to have someone else take the photo for you, and put yourself in the picture. And don’t forget, I don’t read your blog, so you have to email me a link to it.

Thanks for participating,


(*) I’d prefer the Google-recommended sixty days to fix stuff, but if you’re the kind of hacker who believes all vendors need public spanking, then by all means post immediately after emailing me. After all, it’s not like you couldn’t do that with the trial version anyway. But if you do that, I’ll be all grumpy about it, and won’t buy you a drink next time I see you.

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