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Why, that’s very nearly delightful!

As a big fan of The IT Crowd, I’m a happy reader of the author, Graham Linehan,’s blog, “Why That’s Delightful!”. It certainly helps to explain to American viewers tonight’s episode. And yes, I did try and persuade Microsoft to give Moss an MVP award. Maybe I should have suggested Roy instead, since he mostly does windows.

However, the other day, looking for the blog on a machine on which my bookmarks don’t reside, I was rather shocked to see “Why, that’s delightful!”, when I typed in what I thought was Mr Linehan’s blog address. Totally not the site I was looking for. I was completely unprepared. I hope Graham Linehan knows he has a competitor for the same search meme.

Graham Linehan is the author (along with Arthur Mathews) of that other staple of British (or Irish?) humour, “Father Ted” (memorable, also, for being produced by the late Geoffrey Perkins, of Radio Active and Hitch-Hiker’s fame). If you’ve not seen them yet, go watch them – rent them on Netflix, watch The IT Crowd on IFC, and Father Ted on wherever you can find it in this country, whatever you have to do to make this a part of your comedy intake.

But beware of imitations, when it comes to your favourite blogs.

[And don’t try and use Windows Media Center to sync The IT Crowd from IFC to your Zune, because IFC marks all their programming for DRM, with the aim that it can’t be copied. Boo, hiss, IFC.]

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