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US Government Mandates IPv6–are you ready?

White House CIO Vivek Kundra released a memo last month to US Federal CIOs on transitioning to IPv6, at a workshop on the importance of adopting IPv6.

Put simply, the memo gives a timetable for moving the US Federal government to using native IPv6 for all public-facing web and Internet sites. The end of Financial Year 2012 is the deadline for that. There’s also a deadline of end of FY 2014 for all internal client apps to support IPv6.

Here at Texas Imperial Software, we’ve provided basic support for IPv6 in WFTPD and WFTPD Pro for some time.

Because of a lack of significant expressed customer interest, we’ve basically kept the IPv6 support out of the interface, despite a personal interest on my part in supporting IPv6. Now it’s time to change that and bring IPv6 in as an equal platform, rather than hiding it in the background.

Are you interested?

We’re looking for beta testers for this IPv6 support. Drop me a line at if you are able to test out an IPv6-capable FTP server. Priority is given to registered users, but if you can test out WFTPD or WFTPD Pro, on a native IPv6 network, we’d love to hear from you.

You don’t have to be associated with a government, or even enterprise, just interested, capable, and ready to give your feedback.

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