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So, does the new Zune software help fix my complaints?

You’ll remember, from my previous posts (Zune HD – but not mine, Finally got my Zune HD, Messing around with audio files, Woot got my Zune, Zune can’t get my woot!, All Zune posts) on the subject, that I had some specific complaints about the Zune and its attendant software that I was hoping Microsoft would one day get around to fixing.

Zoom  (Zume?)to this past week, and we saw Microsoft release a new version of the Zune software, so let’s see if there’s been any advance:

Not fixed

Images in MP3 files marked as Podcast and dumped into Podcast folder are not displayed in Zune Software or on Zune.

MP3 files in Podcast folder are not played in order by track number.

MP3 files in Podcast folder lose their Genre, and can’t be sorted by Genre.

MP3 files in Podcast folder can’t be rapidly navigated by alphabet.

Impossible to list Podcasts in the same order on the Zune and the PC, so as to compare visually, one by one, which ones you’ve heard. [No, this isn’t ideal, but even this would be better than current]

Zune Internet browser can’t access SSL sites like, with unexpected SSL root certificates.

No Flash in the Internet browser

Slightly fixed

Can’t tell on the PC which Podcasts you’ve listened to on the Zune (and in general, managing the relationship is sucky)

Now, the PC greys out individual podcasts you’ve listened to, but not the podcast series, so you have to click on each podcast series to see if it’s been listened to.

And if you use this to delete podcasts or a podcast series that you’ve listened to… it doesn’t actually delete them from your hard drive. This is infuriating, because it makes it fundamentally impossible to manage local podcasts.

And all this despite the Zune software warning you that it’s going to delete the series and its episodes PERMANENTLY:


More apps

OK, so there are some more apps. Still want more. But that’s probably not going to happen, because in what appears to be a bout of sheer bloody-mindedness, although XNA Game Studio 3.1 (for Zune HD) is a subset of the functionality of XNA Game Studio 4.0 (for Windows Phone 7), XNA Game Studio 3.1 only works in Visual Studio 2008, and XNA Game Studio 4.0 only works in Visual Studio 2010.

What this means is that a developer can’t build the same project, in one development environment, for Zune HD and Windows Phone 7, even though it would be possible to make the same game work on both platforms with the same source code.

If this isn’t a temporary problem, it’s going to make me and the other five Zune HD users really feel disenfranchised.

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