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No more IPv4 /8s – Oodles of IPv6 /64s and /48s.

[Additional note: Bing and Juniper Networks just announced that they will also be joining in World IPv6 Day.]

IANA just held a ceremony (streamed live, and with a press conference following at 10amEST) to hand out the last of the IPv4 /8 blocks to Regional Internet Registries – RIRs.


It’s a quiet, but historical moment, as it truly marks the time we can finally tell people “yes, I know nothing appeared to be happening, but finally it’s happened”. Preparing for IPv6 has to happen, because there just isn’t any stopping this particular juggernaut. IPv4 addresses will run out, and there will arise a time when web sites can no longer find a public IPv4 address.

BEFORE that happens, something has to change to allow us to work together on an IPv6 Internet. I’m doing what I can.

As a client user, I live on the Hurricane Electric IPv6 Tunnel Broker, because Comcast have yet to extend their IPv6 trial to my neck of the woods, seeing as how I live in technology-deprived Seattle.

I’m still trying to persuade my web site’s ISP, 1&1, to put an IPv6 capability in place before World IPv6 Day on June 8, so I can host my web page there in IPv6, but I definitely have my FTP server software, WFTPD and WFTPD Pro, ready to support IPv6 fully.

What are you doing?

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