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Bad Names

BluRay – a bad name for high-definition?

My attention was drawn to a graphic this morning that seemed to read “BLURRY”

Turns out, it’s just a slightly out-of-focus and small picture of a logo for “Blu-Ray”, one of two competing standards for high definition DVDs.

Seems like a bad idea to make its logo so easily misreadable as something that is the antithesis of its design.

But it’s fun to point and laugh at.

Vista Bitlocker

A while back, I said that my dream job at Microsoft would be to refuse dumb product names.

“WindowsCE?” I would say, “You do realise everyone will call that ‘WinCE’, which is something you do when you’re in pain, yes?”

“.NET Server?  What does the OS have to do with .NET?  Is it based on .NET?  Do you have to run only .NET apps on it?  Is its primary purpose to run .NET apps?  Then it’s not a ‘.NET Server’ – go rename it.”  Okay, so someone else already fought that battle and won.

Today’s example of “I wouldn’t have called it that” is Vista’s whole-drive encryption scheme, “Bitlocker”.  The most polite spoonerism of the word is “Bootlicker”.

Don’t ever name a product so that it can be accidentally mispronounced in a funny or rude way.

Which brings me to the name “Vista” itself…