Intermittent Invalid Viewstate Error in ASP.NET Web pages

SYMPTOMS There are several conditions that may cause this issue. Each known condition is presented with a short explanation and a possible workaround.Application Pool RecyclingServer Farms or Server ClustersForm PostsProxy servers and Virus Scanners CAUSE The issue presents itself with a message similar to the following: _ASP.report_aspx === System.Web.HttpException: Invalid_Viewstate_Client_Disconnected Client IP: Port: 62164 User-Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322) ViewState: dDwtNjY5ODIyMjI4O3Q8cDxsPFNUQVJUREFURTtFTkREQVRFO1BMVVN  Background Viewstate represents the state of the page when it was last processed on the server. The contents of the page are stored in a container and moved to and from the server on … Continue reading Intermittent Invalid Viewstate Error in ASP.NET Web pages

Office Web Component (O.W.C.) interactive usage

Abstract The new rules allow for one computer to share its installed O.W.C. interactive license with an unlimited number of computers giving these computers the capability to experience an interactive O.W.C. application even though these computers do not have a qualifying Microsoft product or a valid license installed. You may recall that static, non-interactive use of the Office Web Components is always free for versions 10 thru 11 of the O.W.C. but interactive usage requires a license. Licensing information for the components can be found on the Microsoft Office website and in Community solutions article – 555075 in sufficient detail. The new licensing … Continue reading Office Web Component (O.W.C.) interactive usage

Examining the session duration and session events

  Article ID : 555082 Last Review : April 13, 2004 Revision : 1.0 Abstract Session and its events are sometimes peculiar at best and down right complex at worst. The complexity stems from the need to service different state providers in the same architecture. This discussion examines some of the underlying reasons why session end and session start events don’t always seem to fire as a couple. The glue which holds the matrix together is an often overlooked participant called session id. Here is how the session id plays a pivotal role in this new world. A session start event fires … Continue reading Examining the session duration and session events

Datagrid Page Index Exception

Symptoms Permutations of this bug appear to occur when paging is used and viewstate is turned on in the datagrid. Seemingly random exceptions occur with this error string: Invalid CurrentPageIndex value. It must be >= 0 and < the PageCount CAUSE Because of viewstate, the grid tries to remember where it was the last time the page was posted. If the postback returns less paged data than the previous page, this exception will be thrown. Consider a datagrid with enough data to fill 4 pages. The user navigates to page four, clicks a button which causes a postback. This time … Continue reading Datagrid Page Index Exception

HOWTO: Advanced Custom drawing with the Office Web Components (OWC)

View products that this article applies to. Author: Alvin Bruney MVP Community Solutions Content Disclaimer Article ID : 555162 Last Review : July 15, 2004 MORE INFORMATION Custom drawing works thru the Office Web Component event model. The event architecture allows the O.W.C. component to respond to events – interactivity. Interactivity is strictly regulated thru the licensing terms and conditions. Licensing is covered in Community Solutions Article – 555075    ;en-us;555075 and Microsoft Knowledge Base Article – 243006    ;EN-US;q243006. Preparing for events in a windows form Applications using the O.W.C. thru Visual Studio.NET cannot respond to events by default. The problem lies outside the O.W.C.  … Continue reading HOWTO: Advanced Custom drawing with the Office Web Components (OWC)

VSTO Server document caching

  SUMMARY This article describes how to use and server document class for application caching and document management without running an instance of the Microsoft Office on the web server. Abstract Perhaps you’ve heard of Visual Studio Tools for Office System 2005 (VSTO). In fact, I’d venture a guess that some of you may have toyed with it or even started serious development based on the tool suite. For those of you who haven’t, Visual Studio Tools for Office System 2005 allows developers to harness the power of Microsoft Office in enterprise level applications. Currently, the VSTO tool suite supports Microsoft … Continue reading VSTO Server document caching

Hello, world!

So I just got this new blog toy, and this is my first post. I’m really not into blogging  but I’ll give this one my best effort.