Microsoft Visual Studio Web Application Project

Visual Studio 2005 ships with a new compilation model for ASP.NET. This compilation model has already been pounded to death so instead, I’d like to focus on its adoption. While there are many benefits to the new compilation model, there are also a few disadvantages. And, although the benefits of the current Web Site Project model (introduced with Visual Studio 2005) are tremendous, some developers have found it difficult to master especially for large enterprise projects where the simplicity of Visual Studio’s 2003 project model was more than adequate.   The outcry has been loud enough that Microsoft has decided … Continue reading Microsoft Visual Studio Web Application Project

O.W.C. Fix for VS 2005 issue

  The O.W.C does not work correctly when used with VS 2005. This blog will provide a work-around of sorts. If you are not satisfied with this solution, you may consider switching to VSTO 2005 and thin clients to provide Office functionality. I’ll blog more about this exciting approach at a later date, but for now, this fix is geared toward web pages. One way is to embed the object tag in the Internet browser. Currently, there is no support for the OWC outside of Internet Explorer. Here is an example. Create a web project and open the aspx file. … Continue reading O.W.C. Fix for VS 2005 issue