OWC issue with Visual Studio .NET 2005

The comment I received from Microsoft regarding the OWC issue is this: ActiveX controls are not supported on the design surface in Visual Studio 2005. We intentionally do not load or render the controls because of security reasons. The browser has a sophisticated system for managing the rights and permissions of the controls which we did not want to replicate in the Visual Studio IDE, just to make it safe to edit pages containing controls. To add to the complication, for patent reasons the browser does not automatically activate ActiveX controls specificed using the object or embed tag. To make … Continue reading OWC issue with Visual Studio .NET 2005

HOWTO: Automate windows applications from web pages

Abstract Any application running on the client computer can be automated from a web page. The following article will provide detailed steps on accomplishing this using ASP.NET and C#. The approach shows how to automate a third party control such as Microsoft Outlook or Windows Media player.   Use automation from web pages for data exchange between disparate applications.   Consider an application that needs to run embedded in an ASP.NET web form. One of the design requirements is that the application should be able to automate Microsoft Outlook and exchanging data as needed. For simplicity, the article will create a … Continue reading HOWTO: Automate windows applications from web pages