Programming Excel Services

Here is a link to the new book: Here are a couple of paragraphs exercepted from chapter 1: Every now and then, a product hits the market that causes a significant shift in the way software is designed and built. Excel Services is one such product; it completely changes the way Microsoft Office applications are written. Chapter 1 will focus on introducing and explaining the Excel Services architecture that drives this fundamental shift in thinking so that you can gain an appreciation for the product. The focus is less on code and more on painting Excel Services in broad strokes … Continue reading Programming Excel Services

VB6 Migration

As the VB6 migration deadline looms closer, business are starting to push back. Microsoft has softened their position quite a bit with respect to support of the VB6 run-time. Now, the VB6 run-time will be supported until 2017. In addition, Microsoft has set aside special support options for customers on a per seat basis for 3 years. This means that you can actually purchase support for VB6 run-time and design-time issues. There are strict entry criteria for entrance and the pricing is pretty steep but at least, the sky isn’t going to fall in on those LOB applications that run VB6 … Continue reading VB6 Migration

Leak in Managed Usercontrol

If you care to run windbg on a managed usercontrol embedded in a web form, you will find that after you perform a garbage collection, there is a memory leak. This is by design. The managed resource actually contains a root that is held by the remoting process. The managed resource reference is released after 5 minutes. I’ll post an article on MSDN detailing the specifics shortly.