KitchenAid Architect II Electric Double Oven Fraud

Occasionally, you run into some experiences that you absolutely must share with others. Here is my experience with Sears Canada.

I bought this unit in May. The Microwave glass shattered in June. I am so far unable to determine why the glass shattered. Previously, we had used the oven to bake a cake. Inspecting the microwave after the incident, the door appeared warped and the sticking agent had leaked out. I came to the conclusion that the heat from the oven must have warped the door of the Microwave. The glass door probably shattered due to some vibration in the kitchen (such as a closing door.) Sears refuses to pay for the repair bill of $160 because they claim it was not a manufacturing defect but some object must have hit the microwave. This is an embedded oven, there’s nothing close to the Microwave that could cause this damage at 8Am in the morning. Frankly, $160 doesn’t bug me. What bugs me is the principle of shirking their responsibility. Being dishonest about the incident just to dodge a repair cost is simply unethical.

I called Sears customer management to report the incident. Sears refused to budge. I asked to speak to a supervisor. The customer manager refused to let me talk to his supervisor. Instead, he indicated that he reported to Sears Canada and he was not allowed to give me any further information. I asked him to identify himslef. All he would say is “My name is Brian, I work out of Ontario facility. And there is no one higher that you can complain to”.


I’m disgusted by the way Sears handles warranty issues. It leaves a sour taste in my mouth. All I can do is inform others that this particular product, maybe the entire line of products is defective. Based on my experience, you will have a hard time getting Sears to deliver on any warranty repair. The customer service accountability is designed to frustrate the customer into giving up. Sears pulls no punches in dodging their responsibilities even to the point of being dishonest. I’m taking my business elsewhere from now on. I’m encouraging you to do the same. I consider this matter over, the only thing left to do is write formally to Sears and let them know that I went public with my experience.



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