The O.W.C. Black Book 2nd Edition due out in October

OWC Black Book 2nd EditionI am currently wrapping up work on the 2nd edition of the Black Book. It is expected to hit shelves in October 2007. The update includes

  • Code corrections

  • Licensing information changes

  • WCF programmability with the components

  • WCF programmability with the components

  • Updates for Visual Studio 2005

  • Updates for Visual Studio 2008

  • Direct binding of components to datasets 

As you know, the Black book was an independent project not backed by any major publisher. But it has been one of my most successful books in terms of financial returns. As a thank you to my customers, I’ve always wanted to reduce the price on the book and infact did so on the website where the book remained in the top 10 for 18 straight months. However, lulu changed their pricing format to reflect those of Amazon etc and the price drop vanished.

The only way to reduce the price was to purchase another ISBN. I figured, if I was going that way, I met as well see update the book in the process. This would give me a chance to incorporate user feed back and correct some issues with the book. 

Now, for the good part. Since I have no major distributor on my back, I can sell the book for whatever price I see fit. My new price is $24.99

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