Black Book New Pricing

Blame it on the strong Canadian dollar! Enjoy this new price of $19.99.[:D]I’ve gotten a lot of comments on shipping to different parts of the world – customers want the Black Book and they want it yesterday. Lulu will ship anywhere and expedited shipping is possible for a very reasonable price. Don’t hold your breath on an eBook download; that’s not happening. Period. Your best bet is to buy using expedited shipping.The reason why the book is not on Amazon is that the ISBN package required for that type of service will add $30.00 to the current price of the … Continue reading Black Book New Pricing

RequiredRuntime fails for targetting CLR versions

Recently, I walked right into an ambush with .NET. A client asked how best to target a CLR version from a .NET application. Easy right? Just use this in an app.config file: <startup>  <requiredRuntimeversion=”v1.0.3705″ safemode=”true”/></startup> As it turns out, this simply won’t work for any version above 2.0. Bummer! I hate those issues because it makes you look stupid as a consultant. Even worse, it makes the framework looks like it is broken – ofcourse it is. The blame game is an appropriate response, but it doesn’t solve the problem at hand. As it turns out, there is no bullet … Continue reading RequiredRuntime fails for targetting CLR versions

The Black Book, 2nd Edition Now Available!!!

The Black Book, 2nd Edition is now available at an amazing price of $24.99. However, this price is only available on Amazon will continue to stock the old item. I strongly recommend purchasing the new item from book is updated to provide:1. More code.2. Sample working projects with code snippets for each component.3. WCF examples.4. Better images.5. Corrections and updates to licensing.