How old is the Earth?

A scientist and a preacher observe a man standing on the shore next to a harbor looking at the neighboring island. A boat is docked in the harbor. Both the scientist and preacher agree that the boat likely came from the island. If it did, both agree that the boat would have taken approximately 10 hours to make the journey. The scientist and preacher ask the man ‘How long have you been standing there?’. The man does not answer. Instead, he turns his head to look at the boat in the harbor.
The scientist reasons that the man must have been standing there for at least 10 hours because he likely was standing on the shore watching the boat from the time it left the island to the time it arrived in the harbor. The preacher does not think it logical for the man to have been standing on the shore for 10 hours. He reasons that the man would have gotten bored or tired. He may also have just arrived on the shore a short while ago, maybe 15 or 20 minutes or so.
How long do you believe the man has been standing on the shore?

One thought on “How old is the Earth?

  1. The man has been standing on the shore since shortly after the boat docked because he was rode the boat from the island.

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