How Old is the Earth – the answer.

Several readers found it necessary to email me with their comments and answers to the post Unfortunately, there isn’t a correct answer though there may be several plausible answers. The story tries to describe the starlight problem. Starlight from distant stars travel several million years to reach the earth – we all agree on that, meaning that when we look up into the night sky, what we see is the past. Based on the time we think it takes the light to travel (represented by the boat), we say the earth is a few million years old (represented by the … Continue reading How Old is the Earth – the answer.

VB6 Conversion issues

Part of my day job is to lead the migration project from VB6 to .NET. You need to be shot at if you think the migration wizard will solve your problems. That’s putting it bluntly. To be politically correct, there are lots of issues. I’ll document those as I run into them and keep adding to this post. Hopefully, I’ll have time to write some kb articles on this as well. The estimate of 7000 lines per week of converted code is fairly accurate. This improves with familiarity and it is possible to get to around 10,000 lines of converted … Continue reading VB6 Conversion issues