Silverlight Security

Well, a lot has changed with security in this SL platform. I think its for the best but you’ll have to be patient as the Silverlight platform matures. So, you may miss some functionality. Here’s a quick overview from what you used to have, to what you will have and what you need to get accustomed to having. Previously, if you wanted container based Web applications, you’d create a user control and stick it into a web page. I blogged about this several times in the past, here is one example. When you embed the object tag, your favorate browser … Continue reading Silverlight Security

JSON Serialization in Data Services Framework (DSF)

I found out the hard way that JSON Data contract serialization is not supported in the DSF (VS2010). Here’s what I was trying to do. I wanted to pull down and parse data from a DSF application. I do have code to parse and dump the data to the console for instance, but I really wanted to work with a strongly typed class so that I could work with the domain objects directly. So I build my datacontract, point it at the DSF supported site and let it rip. SerializationException. So I spend valuable time tracking this down – couple of … Continue reading JSON Serialization in Data Services Framework (DSF)

ASP.NET 4.0 by Example – Call for Peer reviewers

Folks: I’ve finished writing this block buster. I’d like to invite some of you to peer review the bookSend email by using the blog link contact with subject line Peer Review ASP.NET 4 by Example. You’ll get a pdf file of a chapter that you can read and comment on. You won’t get paid for your services. However, I’ll mention you as a peer reviewer in the book credits at the front of the book. If you are contemplating a writing career, it’s a great way to start. The book will go on sale in February time frame with a price … Continue reading ASP.NET 4.0 by Example – Call for Peer reviewers