Visual Studio 2008 – Another Giveaway

Send me one paragraph detailing your community contributions. On February 1st I’ll pick the best submission and send that person a fully licensed copy of Visual Studio 2008 Team System 2008 Team Suite. That’s it! subject line sweepstakes.

ASP.NET Configuration Settings

Link: This link tells you what are the various items that can be put inside the configuration file. Keep it handy or refer back here.

ASP.NET 4 Breaking Changes

ASP.NET contains some annoying breaking changes. Plan for those changes, so that you can be prepared for RTM.

VB6 on x64

Short post on VB6 – still 14 Billion (‘B’ as in biyyon) lines of VB6 code running in production. The good news: VB6 works on x64. The bad news: Microsoft does not support it. In between news? Microsoft is committed to making sure Vb6 runs on WoW (virtualized stuff). There are a couple of issues to look out for. 1.  You’ll need admin privilege. 2. You cannot run mixed mode (.NET 2.0 assemblies loading .NET 1.1 assemblies that call vb6 components). This is because 2.0 apps compiles to Any CPU by default. When these are deployed on 64bit, they run … Continue reading VB6 on x64

Debugging Silverlight 4 Out of Browser Applications – Excerpt from Chapter 8

When you install a Silverlight application Out-Of-Browser, debugging will not work. You can manually configure debugging by right-clicking on the Silverlight project and selecting properties. Make the following changes as shown in figure 21-0. Then, right-click the project again and set it as the startup project. From that point, the debugger will work as normal. Figure 21-0, Enabling debugging in Silverlight 4 OOB project. Summary Silverlight 4 is certain to leave a huge crater on the playing field, to the point where the enterprise will sit up and take notice. Microsoft is more committed to the Silverlight product especially as … Continue reading Debugging Silverlight 4 Out of Browser Applications – Excerpt from Chapter 8