Thoughts and musings on Microsoft Kinnect – Kinect Review

Kinnect (pronounced connect) landed at my pad late last week – a gift. Here are my thoughts. I like Kinnect a lot. However, it is definitely not for me. I definitely would not purchase it if I had a choice. I know it seems contradictory but allow me to explain. I’m the type of person who finds a comfortable spot in the couch and plops in. I literally don’t move for hours until I absolutely have to. When I do move, I consolidate everything; that is, a toilet break, grab a drink, some food, check on the kids, glance outside, … Continue reading Thoughts and musings on Microsoft Kinnect – Kinect Review

Silverlight is Dead!? Part II

Remember when Microsoft decided to kill VB6? There was a firestorm! The push back eventually led Microsoft to give up some ground on the technology. VB6 run-time would still be included in Microsoft Operating Systems but the IDE would be effectively dead and only security updates would be published to the run-timetime. In addition, the custom support option was created in such a way as to draw blood from stone! But at the end of the day, VB6 was effectively dead. Eventually, the enterprise got the picture and started the slow and painful migration. Microsoft has received a lot of push … Continue reading Silverlight is Dead!? Part II

Windows Phone 7

November 16 – Toronto Meeting Price: Start Date: Nov 16, 2010 End Date: Nov 16, 2010 Address: Microsoft Canada IncMississauga, ONL5N 8L9 Available Spaces: Unlimited

Silverlight is Dead!?

Seems that Microsoft has changed direction with regard to Silverlight. See this statement: It’s being adjusted to fit the Windows 7 phone. What does it mean? I would venture a guess that since Windows 7 is dead last and Silverlight is being marketed at the sweetspot for Windows 7, the writing is clearly on the wall. HTML5 is where it’s going to be. That’s the race to run. That’s the race to win.