Adios and Bye

This is my last post on here. I am no longer an MVP. After a decade of being an MVP, I’ve chosen to remove myself from consideration for the award. I’ve just become to busy with my career and family responsibilities. It was a good run, perhaps the best. I have complete faith that others will arise to carry this great MVP torch forward. So adios, Web.

Windows 8 Code Camp

What is a Windows 8 Camp?A Windows 8 Camp is a free, two-day event. During the Camp, you’ll discover HANDS-ON how to build your first Metro Style App for Windows 8. You’ll learn from experts in a low-key, interactive way and apply what you’ve learned with support from Microsoft Canada.  How do I register? Registration is fast and simple!  Select the link for the appropriate city to the right! Space will be limited. Register today to secure your spot! What do I need to bring?Hardware Any device capable of running Windows 8 and Visual Studio Express.We recommend that you install … Continue reading Windows 8 Code Camp

XBOX 360 Voice Recognition

I was putting this through it’s paces since the release and I want to capture my thoughts. First thing is that I actually gave up after a few minutes. It would not recognize my words. Granted I don’t enunciate correctly and my voice is on the shrill side but still….I don’t imagine voice software is particularly easy to create either. I gave it a rest and came back a couple days later after doing some more research. XBOX Voice is good at taking you back to the main menu. It’s got that down pat. XBOX HOME! It loves that. I … Continue reading XBOX 360 Voice Recognition

SSL – Secured Point to Point Access (2 Way and 1 Way)

What is Mutual Authentication Most sites that I have seen simply regurgitate the mutual authentication process without explaining it. I’m taking a different approach here, I’ll explain what it is in simple terms. If you need painful detail, pick one of those sites. Mutual Authentication is sometimes called 2 Way authentication. It involves proving the identity of both parties involved in the transaction. Identity is proven using X.509 Digital certificates. There are two important points in Mutual Authentication: Each X.509 certificate issued by a Central Authority (or trusted third party) has a digital signature. That specific signature is solely for … Continue reading SSL – Secured Point to Point Access (2 Way and 1 Way)

Windows 7 & Office Web Components (OWC)

OWC Pivot Tables is broken in Windows 7 due to two things. UAC and MSOLAP. Symptoms include pivots with no data in them. The fix is pretty easy. Turn UAC off and install MSOLAP 3. Windows 7 ships with MSOLAP 2 and MSOLAP 4 but not MSOLAP 3. Test your application to see if it works. If it does work, turn UAC back on, you should not run with UAC off. To fix the UAC issue, you’ll need to go to the Microsoft site to get the proper shim. Or, configure Windows 7 to whitelist the application for UAC.  

CDO, Outlook, Office and other funstuff

Organizations that chose to skip Vista and wait to for Windows 7 face a number of challenges with Microsoft Office. Typically, these organizations stayed with Office 2003 and are now facing a migration to Office 2010. While the migration itself is pretty straightforward, the applications that depend on Office 2003 are more troublesome. Here is a running list concerning these issues that you should pay attention to. The list also details the replacement technologies for Office type applications and components. So, basically, pick your existing technology, sort through the list and determine if you need to upgrade. I’m trying to … Continue reading CDO, Outlook, Office and other funstuff

Microsoft Accessiblity Recognition

Received a Microsoft Accesssibility Technology for Everyone Champion 2011 recognition from Microsoft for my help on the Accessibility eLearning courses. I thought that was a great way to say thank you.

Visual Studio Giveaway is Back!!! Visual Studio Ultimate with MSDN Premium

Community: I have a few licensed, legal Visual Studio Ultimate with MSDN Premium products to give away to the community. If you care to take part, please send me an email with 1 shortish paragraph explaining why you think you should be considered. That’s it, no gimmicks, strings or anything funny. I will review your submission and select winners on January 31st, 2011 at 8AM EST. Winners will receive an email requesting a valid mailing address. The package will be mailed priority to your doorstep at no cost to you. You will also have the option to receive the MSDN Key … Continue reading Visual Studio Giveaway is Back!!! Visual Studio Ultimate with MSDN Premium

Does God exist?

I came across this article while surfing, “Scientifically, God Does Not Exist: Science Allows us to Say God Does Not Exist” ( It moved me to write this piece. Firstly, let me get the formalities out of the way for full disclosure. I am a student of science and a software engineer by training which lends itself well to proof via empirical evidence. On with the task at hand! As far as this article goes, it shows a profound ignorance for scientific principles. It is not possible to prove a negative! Proof of a negative would amount to a determination … Continue reading Does God exist?

Thoughts and musings on Microsoft Kinnect – Kinect Review

Kinnect (pronounced connect) landed at my pad late last week – a gift. Here are my thoughts. I like Kinnect a lot. However, it is definitely not for me. I definitely would not purchase it if I had a choice. I know it seems contradictory but allow me to explain. I’m the type of person who finds a comfortable spot in the couch and plops in. I literally don’t move for hours until I absolutely have to. When I do move, I consolidate everything; that is, a toilet break, grab a drink, some food, check on the kids, glance outside, … Continue reading Thoughts and musings on Microsoft Kinnect – Kinect Review