Adios and Bye

This is my last post on here. I am no longer an MVP. After a decade of being an MVP, I’ve chosen to remove myself from consideration for the award. I’ve just become to busy with my career and family responsibilities. It was a good run, perhaps the best. I have complete faith that others will arise to carry this great MVP torch forward. So adios, Web.

VS2010 will change the world

If you look at the new technology wrapped in VS2010 (technology is a grand term, yes I know), I think you will agree that the stage is being set for all sorts of goodies down the line, things like Azure, Increased productivity, more secure, scalable applications, Accessible products, Richer UI. It’s coming, better get on board and start digging in…

Oh my it’s been too long.

I’m ashamed for not posting any sooner than this. I forgot my password for the longest while…Have you noticed how many passwords people now have. There’s work, there’s home, there’s social sites, there’s chat clients, there’s taxes, banking…On and On. And they are all different right? Because, oh no, you don’t want to share the same password across all these sites. What if the booboo man gets a hold of it? I think we’ve pinned ourselves into a corner here…

HTTP Module limitation

When calling code in an ASP.NET website is transferred using server.transfer in an HTTP Module, it is not technically possible to get the virtual directory for the destination page in code. There is no current work around for this issue.

KitchenAid Architect II Electric Double Oven Fraud – UPDATE

Sears contacted me this week to apologize. As a token, they’ve offered me $75 on a gift card. I think there is a lesson in there: as a consumer, you do have a voice. And if you make a lot of noise, you can get attention. Matter closed. I’m happy about the apology. I don’t really care for the token but I guess it is the thought that counts.

VB6 Migration

As the VB6 migration deadline looms closer, business are starting to push back. Microsoft has softened their position quite a bit with respect to support of the VB6 run-time. Now, the VB6 run-time will be supported until 2017. In addition, Microsoft has set aside special support options for customers on a per seat basis for 3 years. This means that you can actually purchase support for VB6 run-time and design-time issues. There are strict entry criteria for entrance and the pricing is pretty steep but at least, the sky isn’t going to fall in on those LOB applications that run VB6 … Continue reading VB6 Migration

Leak in Managed Usercontrol

If you care to run windbg on a managed usercontrol embedded in a web form, you will find that after you perform a garbage collection, there is a memory leak. This is by design. The managed resource actually contains a root that is held by the remoting process. The managed resource reference is released after 5 minutes. I’ll post an article on MSDN detailing the specifics shortly.

Big Government and Small Folk

Recently, I was cleaning out my cupboard, actually it was my wife doing the cleaning, and she found an end-of term paper I had written about 10 years ago in school. Enjoy the read, I sure did. They sat there on the patio outside the diner – a big untidy one and a small, well-dressed one – deep in conversation. From a distance, the big one looked seven months into a very difficult pregnancy judging from the way his stomach pushed against his ruffled t-shirt, only, he was male and so there had to be another reason; men do not … Continue reading Big Government and Small Folk

OWC issue with Visual Studio .NET 2005

The comment I received from Microsoft regarding the OWC issue is this: ActiveX controls are not supported on the design surface in Visual Studio 2005. We intentionally do not load or render the controls because of security reasons. The browser has a sophisticated system for managing the rights and permissions of the controls which we did not want to replicate in the Visual Studio IDE, just to make it safe to edit pages containing controls. To add to the complication, for patent reasons the browser does not automatically activate ActiveX controls specificed using the object or embed tag. To make … Continue reading OWC issue with Visual Studio .NET 2005