Product Review – Auto Blogging Software

Auto Blogging Software is a classic product developed using .NET Framework. It automates life of the bloggers to a great extent by capturing articles from RSS Feeds and PLR content in Text Format. It will then post the selected content to the respective blogs using a powerful rendering engine. The software supports blogs created with both WordPress and Blogger.

I was able to install Auto Blogging Software quickly after downloading the installation package. Auto Blogging Software is very easy to use and manage. There is absolutely no need to go through lengthy video tutorials to understand the usage of the product.

In order to grab the content from ezinearticles, you should right click on the blog name and select the option titled Article Directories. You will be able to view a dialog which prompts you to provide the required keyword. With the help of Auto Blogging Software, you can set the maximum number of articles which can be downloaded and also enables you to translate the content in any one of the languages. Auto Blogging Software also generates tags automatically based on the title of the article.

As you may know Amazon is the largest online retail shop. Auto Blogging Software enables you to grab content from Amazon very easily. You can add product details to your website with an image and link to the related product embedded with your affiliate ID. You can easily create product based blogs using this feature.

Similarly, you can grab the content from clickbank which is regarded as the largest online affiliate shop. You can insert your clickbank affiliate code and Auto Blogging Software automatically generates link with the product description.

In addition to the above mentioned features, Auto Blogging Software fetches full content from RSS Feed URL including PLR files. The latest version is much faster and easy to use when compared to the previous versions. Auto Blogging Software surely yields huge benefit if used properly and correctly.

I found that the Auto Blogging Software does its job very well by quickly posting the articles to the relevant blogs. You should note that content from the RSS feed will be less as it depends upon the feed. If the feed has full content, then you will be able to publish the entire content to your blog with a link back to the original URL.

Auto Blogging Software works very well if you make use of PLR content. I also noticed that the articles from the text files are loaded fast as compared to that of the feed content.

I know about a competing product which does the same job but it doesn’t extract content from RSS feeds. Auto Blogging Software is the only application which does the job of three with a small one time investment. I would like to see a feature with which the software automatically posts the content to social bookmarking sites simultaneously while it post the content to the blogs.

I highly recommend Auto Blogging Software without any doubt. I heard that the vendor is planning to increase the cost of Auto Blogging Software soon. Hence, purchase the software now and get free updates for life. Moreover, the vendor provides a 60 day no question money back guarantee. You have nothing to lse. Buy the product now and start blogging the easy way.

I would suggest you to buy Auto Blogging Software today if you want to create blogs quickly and get increased revenues from your blog,

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