My New WebCamera

At last a cool new web camera is near my desktop. It is a very small one. The manufacturer is s-media and I got this from a company called xserves through fabmall. The installation is a very simple process. Just plug it to the USB drive and that’s it. There is no need to install any driver softwares. I installed the driver software and the captures looks dark and greenish. The camera comes with a small CD with the drivers. The price is less than USD 15 (INR 600).

Ready for Vista

I’m getting ready to test drive Windows Vista. I hope I will receive the DVD soon. I cannot download it as my current Internet connectivity doesn’t allows me to download such huge stuff.

Luckily, I’ve a laptop with DVD Drive without which it is impossible to test Vista. I don’t know about any special hardware requirement for Vista. I think my MVP lead will arrange something as there is a big demand among other MVP’s for the same.

Waiting for the DVD…