Visual Studio 2005 Error Message

I’m wondering why the uploading feature of MSDN feedback form is not working. I uploaded an incident but it didn’t appears. So I uploaded the stuff to my website and posted the URL.

I hope MSDN will resolve these issues soon.

Vista at the speed of Net

I’m just playing with Vista and I feel that Internet surfing is 95% faster than Windows XP. Sites are loading very fast at a teriffic speed. I think MS has tweaked something and it is because of this we are getting a great experience.

Visual Studio 2005 August CTP Issues

Yesterday, I installed the August CTP of VS 2005. It is working but it shows a message box during the launch. Sometimes, it will show 2 or more boxes. The issue is related to package and I’ve filed this with the product feedback center. I hope to receive a favourable reply from them soon. The previous bild (beta 2) worked well without any issues. I’ll have to investigate this issue deeper.