New Role – Technical Editor Lead

I was appointed as a full time technical editor for ASPAlliance by its editor-in-chief and I’m very excited to accept this new job. I will be responsible for the technical content and I will have to to be in constant touch with the authors each and every day. I hope that I can be able to deliver cutting edge content to worldwide audience.

Visual Studio Launch Event

I attended the Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005 launch event at Technopark campus, Trivandrum. The hall was packed with guys and gals from various companies and I’m amazed to see the work of volunteers there. I went there to meet my MVP Lead but by the time I reached there he left to his home by flight. I also took some photos which I will upload to my website soon.

In the end they conducted some fun activities such as puzzle games and other related stuffs and gave away some cool goodies to the attendees. Finally, everybody left with a black cat T-Shirt from Microsoft.

Welcome 2006

A new year has once again born. 2005 was a mixed year for me with ups and downs. Bad health played a major role for the last 4 months and I hope 2006 will be good for me in terms of health. My grandfather passed away in November and it was a great loss for me. He was a good person and encourages me to work better.

Let’s forget what happened in 2005 and let’s begin a new year – 2006.