Review: Kingston Pendrive (64 MB)

PROS – Small, Lightweight, HighSpeed
CONS – None

Using floppy disks is very tedious and cumbersome. It’s limited space will not allow you to store huge files. Over the period of time it gets either destroyed or infected with fungus. Kingston Pendrives is a definite plus. The main advatange of the product is it portability and the ability to store huge volumes of data files such as ZIP, PDF or Word files. It comes with 64 MB of space which is sufficient for normal usage. You can carry it anywhere by simply dropping into your pocket. I didn’t found any disadvantage with this product. It’s speed is ultra fast and file are copied within seconds. Unlike floppy you should stop the pendrive from operation before unplugging it from your system. Overall, kingston pendrive is an excellent stuff for all level of users.

Review: Microsoft Office 2003 Professional

PROS – Useful applications for performing day to day tasks, Web Development

CONS – A separate help kit is required for beginners

Office 2003 also called as Office 11 is an amazing and cool looking product which can be used for the purpose of office automation. It ships will all the essential applications such as Microsoft Word (For writing/editing documents), Microsoft Excel (For Mathematical Calculations), PowerPoint (For creating Presentations), Access (Database tool), FrontPage (For WebPage creation).

I feel that there is no product which can beat Microsoft Office 2003. Word is packed with all the features for creating/editing documents. Various book authors, publishers are taking advantage of its comments feature to track editing and reviews.

I love FrontPage. It ships with the support for creating ASP.NET pages. It also supports intellisense for the WebForm tags. From my point of view, FrontPage is a cool and lightweight product for WebPage creation. Devvelopers can make use of all the features included with the HTML in FrontPage. The split feature is a cool stuff as it will help a developer to “View and Edit” the code.

Powerpoint is an excellent presentation product. You can create presentations for any purpose. You can spice up your presentations by adding effects, sounds and much more.

The product ships with a manual with which you can learn Microsoft Office 2003 if you are a novice.

Review: DLINK DI-604

PROS – Compact, LightWeight

CONS – Loose Power Cord

I was searching for a wired router for my home office and I found DLINK’s DI-604. It is an amazing stuff. The package ships with an ethernet cable, manual, CD and the router. The installation process is very smooth and I installed it within minutes. You can easilt setup the router through a cute web based interface. Till today, I never experienced any difficulties with the router. Moreover, the router ships with an universal power adapter.

I didn’t found any problems with this router but I think a capability to wall mount the router will be a definite plus. I hope the company (DLINK) will consider this strongly during the development of the next build of this excellent router.

Review: Toshiba Satellite Notebook

PROS – Value for money, Preloaded with all essential softwares

CONS – Small keys, Heavy heat generation

Finally, I decided to purchase Notebook PC. I performed a series of searches on the Internet and came to a conclusion to purchase Toshiba Satellite. The product ships with all the essential utilities to get start with. It comes with a quick start manual which you can use to quickly assemble and setup the product.

The satellite comes with Windows XP home edition pre installed. If you are a beginner then you need not have to install any OS. You can straight away Plug and Play with the PC. If you are a developer then you can install Other OS such as Windows XP Professional. I installed XP Professional by retaining XP Home with the dual boot option. I used a third party software to partition the PC. The Notebook comes with a single partition. You have to repartition it as per your requirements. It has a massive space of 60 GB while Toshibha is now shipping 80 GB/120 GB hard disk. But for me 60GB is sufficient. The PC ships with 512 MB RAM although you can upgrade it to 2 GB. But I don’t forsee any need for upgrading it as 512 MB is itself a big speed. Windows XP Professional runs smoothly on it.

You don’t even require an external mouse as the Notebook includes a TouchPad. But I found it difficult to use it for a long time. Hence I prefer to connect an external Notebook Mouse. The PC has a 15’inch TFT monitor which can be bented as per your requirements. It looks cool as well.

One of the disadvantages of this notebook PC is that its keyboard is very small and it gets heated up after 1 hour of running. Toshibha should find ways to eliminate this heat caused by the PC. I’m planning to connect an external keyboard soon.

The PC includes 4 USB port and 1 LAN port. It is WI-FI enabled. You can connect to the Interent using a wireless router or at airport hotspots. It also includes a telephone modem port so that if you need to connect the PC to a dislup connection you can do so without any problems.

Overall, the satellite PC is a must have for every developer and I highly recommend it without any hesitation.

Review published at aspnetPRO

My review of DozingDogs CMS has been published at aspnetPRO July 2006 issue. I received my subscription copy yesterday. I’m amazed to see that the headshots of all the authors have been included on the coverpage of the issue and my shot is located 2’nd from the left side.

I’m the owner of IPOD Shuffle

I received a cool and cute IPOD Shuffle MP3 Player and a nice White T-Shirt from [:D] A cool feature is that I can use it as a USB drive as well. I’m currently looking for some accesories for it so that I can extend its use.