Review – Norton AntiVirus

PROS – Catches and Fixes all viruses Instantly, Automatic Update of Definitions via web

CONS – Expires after one year of use (even in paid version)

Norton AntiVirus is an excellent virus removal tool. The package ships with a CD and a manual. The installation process will take less than 5-10 minute on a Pentium 4 system. You can easily update the virus definitions with a single click of a button. One problem which I noticed is that the update process is little slower than other antivirus systems.

The main disadvantage of this product is that it expires after 1 year of installation even if you purchase it by paying cash. I had paid for it and now it expired and hence I cannot use it again. You have to pay a yearly subscription fees which I feel is of not much worth when there are free antivirus packages available on the market.

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