Review – WINZIP

PROS – Light weight, Easy to use

CONS – Annoying Popups

I would highly recommend WinZip if you ask me for a file compression software. It’s lightweight and easy to use. I downloaded the software within 5 minutes using a broadband connection and completed the installation within another 2 minutes.

The usage of this product is self explanatory although it comes with help files. The product also shows a Tip at the beginning of the product loading is a useful feature. You need to right click a folder and chhose add to zip. That’s it. You can attach the compresses ZIP files through email but the only point to note is that your receipient require a stable internet connection to download the file. Otherwise, they can’t be able to open or extract the files. 

I found that the product gives disturbing popups at the end of the trial period. Even though its interface is pretty good and nice, I am still searching for a new ZIP tool. I hope I will get it soon.

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