Review: PALM handheld m130

PROS – Small Size, Good applications
CONS – Too heavy, Weak Battery

I purchased PALM handheld m130 for my personal use. I found that it contains good number of applications. Moreover, the CD which ships with the device contains additional third party softwares which you can install on the handheld. The device syncs very well with PC. The product comes with the required manuals and driver CD’s to help you get start with it.

A big disadvantage with this product is that its battery life doesn’t exist too longer even after a full charge. It has to be charged every 30 minutes or so. I also resetted the device several times. You cannot connect to the Internet using the handheld and I feel that if you invest certain amount of cash then you can buy a good pocket PC with all features. But the handheld will be useful if you plan to use it for short term and hobby purposes.

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