Review: Yahoo Messenger 6.0

PROS – Easy to use, Message Archive feature, Photo Embedding
CONS – None Noted

If you are looking for a messaging software then look no further and download Yahoo messenger. It is simple to use. The download process is little tricky as you have to connect to the net for about 20-30 minutes in order to properly install the software. Once you have downloaded the product you can use it by using a yahoo login and password. Your current yahoo e-mail username and password will be sufficient. I found that the signup time will take not les than 5 seconds during morning time and 20 seconds during evening.

An interesting feature of Yahoo Messenger is that you can store the messages by activating its message archive feature. This is not enabled by default. I think it will be due to privacy reasons. I instantly enabled this feature as I don’t have to copy down important points during a chat conversation.

I can just access them at another day when required. Another interesting feature to note is that the product ships with around 100 cool emotions. You can also add audibles and IM Environments to your conversation. Overall, Yahoo Messenger is an excellent messaging system developed for hobbyists and customers.

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