Microsoft Partner Survey

Few days back, I participated in an online survey conducted by Microsoft Partner program. I forgot to save the final screen. I have to e-mail the screen capture to them to receive a gift (Tea Set with Dargeeling Tea). I once received them when my company won the TechGuru Contest last year.

I again received a similar email from Microsoft India and this time I will make sure to save the screen and will email it to them.

I think Microsoft can ask me to feed in the name and address so that they can ship the gift without any worries. I hope they will implement this soon.

TechSay Online Surveys

I want to voice my opinion regarding TechSay's online surveys. I so far participated in over 12 surveys but I haven't earned any major bonus from them. After one or two pages, I get a message that this survey is not applicable to me. I wonder why they are inviting me to participate if I'm not qualified for that. I once aksed them but I never got any positive reply from them.

Microsoft BlogStars Contest

Microsoft presents the “Microsoft BlogStars” contest – hunt for the best developer bloggers in India.

Create greater impact in the vibrant developer blogger community, showcase your thoughts and experiences around Microsoft technologies and technology in general.

Register for the contest, start BLOGGING! and be the first ever Microsoft Blogstars!


Updated CodeProject

I visited codeproject today and I'm amazed to see the new look and feel. The navigation bar are updated but the site is loading somewhat slow. I hate to see the headings in all CAPS. I think they need to give them in normal font.

Windows or Linux – Decide Yourselves

I would like to post a story regarding the recent decision of Kerala Government to introduce Linux for imparting IT education in schools. From my point of view, there should be a choice between Windows and Linux. Students should be given an option to choose any one of the Operating Systems. The subject should be made elective.

Will kerala government gets the required number of staff and teachers to impart Linux education? Software is of course free but what about technical support. Even schools and colleges are finding it hard to repair corrupt Windows. I know that many students deliberately makes some problems with Windows OS and thus it will be corrupted upon next reboot. If this is the case for Windows then what about Linux?

It is hard to teach the students about the complicated commands of Linux.

Again, students should be given an option to pick any one of the operating systems for learning purposes.