Well done Indian Team – 20-20 Cricket

India has beaten the world champions Australia to enter the finals of 20-20 world cup. The next biggest challenge is to beat Pakistan. I hope Indian team can do it on Monday. I don’t have any hope when we are beaten initially and with aggressive batting and fielding they have entered the finals by beating South Africa in Semi Finals.

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Yet Another new ASP.NET 2.0 CMS – GMP Content Management System 2.0

GMP CMS 2.0 has a simple 3 step process: upload the files, add your database connection and license key to the web.config and run a single script.

100% Browser Based Management

Once GMP CMS 2.0 has been set up you can create your website, upload media, upload images, etc. via web browser. You can even edit the website style (CSS) in the administrative area via web browser. GMP CMS 2.0 is cross-browser compliant, the system works the same with Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari or any gecko based browser engine on Linux, Macintosh, Windows and UNIX. You aren’t limited by the web browser you use to access GMP Content Management System 2.0.

Search Engine Optimization Built-in

GMP CMS 2.0 has many search engine friendly features such as a new type of URL writing that doesn’t really on ASP.net http-rewrite or other server side technologies. You will never have a broken link to a page if you edit a page name, the old and new URL will both be valid (no more lost pages or broken links!). Each page allows you to add a page (tab) name, meta title, meta description and meta keywords. Each item created in the News & Article manager allows you to also specify an item title, short description a meta description and meta keywords. There are many ‘under the hood’ search engine optimization techniques that will boost your site very high in the search engines. See also the notes section of this manual regarding the Automatic XML Sitemap output (SEO)

Web 2.0 Enabled

GMP CMS 2.0 has several social networking (web 2.0) features such as a social bookmark toolbar on HTML modules, News & Article items and Simple Blog items. GMP CMS 2.0 has also has a Simple Blog with comments, a ‘print this’ and a ‘email this” functionality built-in.

Instant Search Results

GMP CMS 2.0 has a built-in search indexer that automatically indexes content added (or updated content) in the HTML, News & Articles and Simple Blog modules. As soon as the content is added or updated visitors can search for and find the new content via the search module.


GMP CMS 2.0 by default is secure. We have leveraged the inherited security methods in ASP.net 2.0 as well as secured content via security roles (user groups) as well as included a filtering system called BadBot.

Pages and modules can be secured so that only the group that has access to view can see the content. You can mix and match security of modules so that a logged in user would see additional content on a page that a non-logged in user would see. You can secure entire pages and only allow a certain group or groups to access the content and information on that page. User roles can be assigned several roles: View/Browse, Edit and Administrator. You can create unlimited security (user) roles.

User’s passwords are encrypted to prevent theft. The system is also set to lock a user out for 20 minutes if they attempt more than 5 incorrect login attempts. User can retrieve a new password (auto generated password) via email using the lost password feature on the login panel. User will still have to wait 20 minutes before logging in with new password.

By default CMS 2.0 prevents SQL Script injection. If a script is pasted into one of the content modules it is automatically removed when the module is updated.

The BadBot filter will redirect incoming visitors based on the User Agent, IP address (or IP range), Machine Name, Host name, and even referrer. Partial and Full IP address can be entered. It is similar to ‘anti-leech’ scripts available on the Internet. By default the BadBot filter redirects users to localhost (sends them back to their own machine) you can also redirect them anywhere you want (other websites for example). Over 500 BadBot entries are included in CMS 2.0. The BadBot filter is a great way to stop bandwidth theft, stop image search spiders, stop form spammers, stop download accelerators, stop hot-linking to images and more.


While the retail edition of GMP CMS 2.0 allows an end-user to customize the look and feel of the application the developer edition allows further extensibility by allowing the end-user to extend the application through programming changes in the source code and compiling the changes. Any developer with a good knowledge of ASP.net and Visual Basic .Net can make programming changes to the application.


GMP CMS 2.0 is a compiled ASP.NET 2.0 application that utilizes SQL server to store the systems data. We have worked very hard to streamline the code to execute as fast as possible. There are quite a few under the hood performance builders as well such as module caching (in memory), file caching (render page to file) and more.

GMP Content Management System 2.0 Availability

GMP CMS 2.0 is immediately available via online purchase and download. Visit www.gmpcms.com for more information and ordering.

Founded in 1986, GMP Services is an industry leader in software and services for businesses. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to empower people through excellent software.


For more information, press only:

Allen Harkleroad
TEL: (912) 489-9333

For more information on GMP Content Management System 2.0:


GMP Services, Inc.
107 Ladd Circle
Statesboro, GA 30458
TEL: 912-489-9333

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Community Server Quickly


.netBUTTON Desktop Edition – Now Available

Corporate Web Solutions has released a desktop edition of .netBUTTON. The product doesn’t require any installation. Just download the executable file and double click. All the options are available except a strike through which will go away upon entering a license key after purchasing the product. The product is priced at USD 19.99 although I feel that the vendor should provide this as a free add-on for those new and existing customers of .netBUTTON.


Author – Community Server Quickly

More Silverlight Books

Sams Publishing is all set of release Silverlight Unleashed by Adam Nathan next month.

Deitel has released its new book titled Internet and World Wide Web 4/e, which has some content about Silverlight. It is a massive book with around 2000 pages of content ranging from HTML, JavaScript, Ajax, Ruby and more.

Wrox will release a Silverlight book by November.

O’reilly has released its new book titled Programming WPF which has Silverlight content.

Author – Community Server Quickly