CRT Replaced with LCD

I replaced Samsung CRT with a new 19” inch LG Flatron TFT LCD monitor. It occupies less space than CRT but the top portion is getting hotter upon usage. The bottom portion is not much hot. I feel that this is normal among all monitors but I will search on the web about this. I’ve to use it for some more days to get accustomed with it.

Community Server Quickly Issue Fixed

My book (Community Server Quickly) page at now displays the correct pricing along with its Availability. It took over 1 month to fix the issue. However, there are no discounts available from There is some discount available for my book at

If you want to purchase my book at a huge discounted price then please visit or purchase directly from Packt Publishing.

I will update the book website with all purchase options soon.

The Asia Influencer Award

Microsoft India has announced a new award called Asia Influencer award. It is awarded for a period of one year based on your community contributions and it will be subject to renewal after 1 year taking into account your contributions at that time.

The Award consists of:
» Welcome letter
» Certificate recognizing your award status
» Thank you Gift
» Relationship with local Microsoft office
  • Access to Exclusive India Asia Influencer Announce and Discuss Lists
• Opportunity to 
• Name listing on the Asia Influencer – India Awardees Page
• Partial sponsorship to attend Microsoft Paid events in India (whenever possible)
• Access to Early product Betas (when available) 

Please visit to know more about the program and also to submit your nomination.

Please note that at present this award is given only for people from Asia-Pacific region. Mere submission of nomination will not count towards your selection. Your nomination will be accessed and judged by Microsoft product teams.

Windows or Linux – Decide Yourselves

I would like to post a story regarding the recent decision of Kerala Government to introduce Linux for imparting IT education in schools. From my point of view, there should be a choice between Windows and Linux. Students should be given an option to choose any one of the Operating Systems. The subject should be made elective.

Will kerala government gets the required number of staff and teachers to impart Linux education? Software is of course free but what about technical support. Even schools and colleges are finding it hard to repair corrupt Windows. I know that many students deliberately makes some problems with Windows OS and thus it will be corrupted upon next reboot. If this is the case for Windows then what about Linux?

It is hard to teach the students about the complicated commands of Linux.

Again, students should be given an option to pick any one of the operating systems for learning purposes.