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See how the word Community Server is formed by powdering the cover pages of my book – Community Server Book and another one by Wrox. If you click on it then a large view will be displayed and relevant information regarding the site will be displayed. This site is a classic example of using Amazon web service.

Unfortunately, the system is not accepting my full name and hence I am unable to track the book with the Name.

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CRT Replaced with LCD

I replaced Samsung CRT with a new 19” inch LG Flatron TFT LCD monitor. It occupies less space than CRT but the top portion is getting hotter upon usage. The bottom portion is not much hot. I feel that this is normal among all monitors but I will search on the web about this. I’ve to use it for some more days to get accustomed with it.

Community Server Quickly

Tools for powering Windows and Web Development

I received an e-mail from O’Reilly about the launch of the book Windows Developer Power Tools written by James Avery and Jim Holmes. They also requested me to blog about some of the tools which I use for simplifying the development task daily.

I love SourceFormatX which is available from and I use the shareware version for formatting codes posted by ASPAlliance authors. I am using it for over one year now and it works like a breeze.

Some other products which attracted me a lot are as follows

Instant C#  – converts VB code to C#

Instant VB – converts C# code to VB

The above two code conversion softwares enabled you to convery VB code into C# and C# code into VB very easily.

I also found some of the powerful ASP.NET Content Management Systems and tools.

DozingDogs –
MojoPortal –
EmagicCMS –

Umbraco CMS for ASP.NET –
Cuyahoga CMS for ASP.NET –

One of the nice features of all the above CMS applications is that all of them are free.

I also found the following two applications. I’ve not used it but planning to deploy them very soon.

JitBit Help Desk & Forum –

The authors have covered some of the applications oriented for Web development like DotNetNuke and Community Server but the title of the book doesn’t reflect this.

Anand Narayanaswamy, Chief Technical Editor, and Author of Community Server Quickly (

It’s easy with XCeed ZIP component

I was on a lookout for a good component which automatically extracts a ZIP file located on the server. Finally, I found Xceed ZIP for .NET, which performs the task with only few lines of code. I managed to unzip even a file with 5 MB in size very easily. I’m posting a tutorial with code snippet to illustrate how easy it is to unzip a ZIP file. Please note that you should ZIP the file using WINZIP.

You can easily extract the contents of a ZIP file on the server by following the steps given below.

Please note that in order to work with the example you should install XCeed ZIP for .NET which is available for download (45 days trial) from

Step – 1

Copy the following DLL’s to the BIN directory of your website. If there is no such directory, then you can create it


You can locate these DLL files from Program Files\Xceed Components\Bin\.NET folder

Step – 2

Add the following code to the Page_Load() event

Xceed.Zip.Licenser.LicenseKey = “ZINXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXX”
Dim zip As New ZipArchive(New DiskFile(Server.MapPath(“.”) & “\”))
Dim folder As New DiskFolder(Server.MapPath(“.”))
zip.CopyFilesTo(folder, True, True)
Response.Write(“Files Unzipped Successfully”)
Catch err As Exception
End Try

That’s it. Execute the file and you will see a message “Files Unzipped Successfully“. You should see a new folder named Test with the required file inside the root of your domain.

Please make sure to upload Test.Zip into the root directory before attempting to run the project