Review: HostingFest

I have been using the services of HostingFest ever since the erstwhile ServerDivision was closed down nearly three years back. The main reason for choosing HostingFest was that it is being run and managed by Nasir who provided extraordinary support for me at Server Division.

HostingFest provide both Windows shared and reseller hosting but I purchased their platinum windows based reseller hosting package. The package consists of 8 GB hosting space, plenty of bandwidth, 100 SQL Server 2005 databases and unlimited MySQL databases with HELM 3 control Panel. It also includes support for ASP.NET 2.0, ASP.NET 3.5, PHP and ColdFusion. The server speed was good at all times and they have separate servers for files, mails and databases.

Every hosting provider will have problems with their servers at some point of time. This is true with Hosting Fest as well but a key fact to note with regard to hosting fest is that they promptly resolve all issues immediately and also post an update on their website if the issue is major. They also developed an add-on for backup and restore of SQL Server databases and I have used it once. I am not sure whether they provide it now but it was a useful tool.

I would suggest them to provide SQL Server 2008 as well along with their packages with HELM 4 or DotNetPanel control panel. It would be also great if they can provide hosting in europoean servers so that users in Asian countries will get better speed. They don’t offer unlimited space as others but you get what you pay.

HostingFest provides excellent support through their dedicated help desk and all issues are promptly solved either by Nasir or Noman. I highly recommend HostingFest for all users especially developers who require reliable hosting with a friendly touch.