Microsoft Communicator

I installed Microsoft’s communicator on my system but I’m unable to work with it. I assume that it requires Live Communication Server 2005 and it can be installed only in Windows 2003 Server systems. Moreover, the communicator is asking only for username and no passwords.

It looks similar to MSN IM. I think for internet telephony SKYPE is better.

How do I access Microsoft Public Newsgroups?

Last week one of my friend came to meet me and we discussed a lot about new developments and also our good past days. I then asked about Microsoft newsgroups. He seems to be unaware about that. Hence, I decided to write a short tutorial regarding how to access MS Newsgroups for the benefit of other users as well.

  1. Open Outlook Express

  2. Select Tools | Accounts menu

  3. Click Add button and then News

  4. Enter your name and email address

  5. Enter as News (NNTP) server

  6. That’s it. You are now ready to access public newsgroups.

Whidbey Excels

I installed November CTP bits of VS.NET 2005 standard edition and I’m amazed by its unique features. Although I installed it some of the final portion of installation failed and I got a series of error messages. But VS.NET has been installed. I’m sure final version will be a super one.

I’ve one more installation pending. SQL Server 2005. I’m planning to install it when I get time

Search for a CMS application ends

I was searching for a cool CMS application for my customer support website for the past 1 week and I found one. I’m testing it and I hope to finalize it within 2-3 days time.

Most of the CMS apps are very complicated with large number of files and other stuffs. This one is a nice app with limited number of files.