Webcast Resume: An overview of Exchange 12

Hello Everybody,

Yesterday (14/Mar/2006) we saw the first Webcast of Exchange 12, here are the topics seen in the webcast:

  • Roadmap of the product

  • new roles of Exchange Servers

  • Three themes of E12: Control, Anywhere access and built-in protection

  • We saw a picture with roles of Exchange Servers distributed in a company

  • power of the monad (the presenter showed a little Monad commands), but he showed the result of a query in html format 😀

  • Information about 64bits

  • High Availability at lower cost

  • Anywhere access (Unified Messaging: one inbox for voicemail, fax and e-mail)

  • Message hygiene

  • Cost of the product

  • Information to developers (api,cmdlets)

Follow the last slide in the webcast:
Active protection for your organization, with the access information workers want and the control IT needs. 😀

All the best,
Anderson Patricio

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