Webcast Resume: Giving the Administrator More Control in Exchange “12”

Hello Everybody,


Follow the resume of webcast Giving the Administrator More Control in Exchange “12” (Level 200) shown yesterday (15/Mar/2006), here are the key points of the presentation:

  • reduce complexity compared to Exchange 2003, the same task on E12 (one line) in 2003 (twenty lines), get-mailboxstatistics -server $servername
  • explanation about cmdlets: verb+nom, example: get-excommand
  • structure of monad in exchange 12
  • Guis is very intuitive
  • improvements in GUI (Graphical User Interface): management organized by server role, action pane, toolbox section has great tools for example: ExBPA and Queue Viewer
  • the model of new interface, all taks in Exchange System Manager are translate to Monad commands (cmdlets), now all administration tasks can be made by Monad 😀
  • we can install e12 by command line, it’s easy and flexible
  • I wrote cool switchs showed in webcast:

    • test-servicehealth
    • get-mailbox | group database
    • get-somethingXXX | out-chart (very cool!)
    • -whatif :checks syntax and variables in the command-line)
    • -validateonly: tests the command about rights, tests that the variable data is correct , report what action will be taken

  • Now, we can create reports in multiple formats: .csv, html and charts
  • Monas has default security: three levels, signed scripts, runs only locally by default and files with .msh extensions can not run automatically

All the best,
Anderson Patricio


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