Webcast Resume: Client Access and Web Services in Exchange “12”

Hello Everybody,

Follow the key points showed yesterday (17/Mar/2006) in the Webcast called Client Access and Web Services in Exchange “12” (Level 200):

  • new OWA interface
  • new resources in that interface, example: auto-complete, fast search, conversation view, notifications
  • beautiful interface 😀 
  • auto-updating views (mail, calendar, contacts)
  • language setting is a user preference, not tied to browser language
  • gzip won’t dependent on forms based authentication
  • We can access sharepoint and file server throughOWA because it works like a proxy  (read-only access)
  • resource mailbox can be create in Active Directory, that resource mailbox has a specific address list
  • automated management of resource calendars with Auto-Accept Agent
  • OOF (Out-of-Office) powerful and flexible (we have news features: internal and external OOF and start time and end time)
  • Services of calendar are deploy with client access server rule
  • Free/busy information now be in Mailbox  not in a public folder
  • New acronym: OVA Outlook Voice Access
  • Administration features: fully integrated with Exchange, all messages stored in one maibox (e-mail, voice and fax); single directory infrastructure, single point of administration

All the best,
Anderson Patricio

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