What’s the steps for change the Exchange hardware?

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I saw a bunch in the news at microsoft.com in Brazil … always the same question.. What’s steps I need to migrate an Exchange Server 2003? There are a lot of scenes for it.. Now, I’ll explain a few about each possibility, here are they:

What do I need for it? You need to make a choice: co-existente or not?

1. Migration with co-existence

For me it’s the best scene, we need follow that steps:

    1. Install a new machine with Exchange Server +Service Pack and +updates
    2. Move the resources (public folders, mailbox and settings) for the new server
    3. Uninstall the first one

      Review all MS article: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/822931/
      Good: we’ll be able to work with two exchange servers without interruption on the end-user
      Bad: we need a new name for Exchange

2. Migration without co-existence

Well.. be carefull! 😀 Make a backup of the system state, and dismount and backup the offline databases, and follow that steps:

    1. Backup everything
    2. Turn off the Exchange Server
    3. Go to Active Directory Users and Computers (dsa.msc) and reset the computer account of Exchange Server
    4. Install a new machine and put the same name and ip address in that machine, and the same operation system and same drives and path of old exchange server
    5. Put in that machine in a domain
    6. Install all pre-requisites of Exchange Server
    7. Run setup /disasterrecovery
    8. Install all service packs and hotfixes the same of old exchange server
    9. restore all files
    10. Mount all databases

      Review MS articles: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/822945
      Good: the same name of server and is very fast to recover
      Bad: the troubleshooting on erros in this operations the end-users are affected

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Anderson Patricio

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