Monad has a new name: Windows PowerShell

Hello  everybody, I saw in connect yesterday the new name of Monad ๐Ÿ˜€ the new relase of the Monad Shell has this full name: Windows PowerShell . If you don’t be Beta tester of monad, try it now: So, if the subject of this post is Beta, we have many interesting products to try.. here are that list of avaiable programs for us: Program Nomination Start Date Nomination End Date Options Microsoft Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 Beta 7/22/2005 7/1/2006 Details Apply Windows Network Developer Platform 9/20/2005   Details Apply OneNote 2003 10/28/2005   Details Apply Windows in italiano … Continue reading Monad has a new name: Windows PowerShell

Now is offcial: Exchange Server 2007

Hello everybody, Hot off the You Had Me At EHLO… the official name of E12 is Exchange Server 2007, follow the link:   All the best,Anderson Patricio

FAQ about Intelligent Message Filter

Hello Everybody, I wrote a Microsoft KB to discuss about some IMF questions, here is the article: If you have only suggest or comment, please send me an e-mail. All the best,Anderson Patricio

Nice scripts to Exchange Administrators

Hello everybody, I read blog entry “setting outlook 2003 Junk email options programmatically” on Glen’s Exchange Dev Blog and it’s very nice for a bunch of Administrators of Exchange. On this site has a many scripts and codes to help us in Exchange tasks. Follow the link: Blog:   All the best,Anderson Patricio

WorldCup Appointments in Outlook :D

Hello everybody, The worldcup is coming then I found a file with all games of my national team (Brazil) and another file for all teams of champion to put in ours Outlook ๐Ÿ˜€ Here is the link: MTCriativa is a brazilian company that works with productivity and Office solutions, the official site is All the best,Anderson Patricio

How to exclude specific recipientes from IMF…

Hello everybody, How can I exclude specific recipients from IMF? I saw this question a bunch of times in newsgroups in Brazil and another countries.. now we have a nice solution, look this article: (hot off the :D) All the best,Anderson Patricio

More E12 webcasts…

Hello Everybody, We have more resources to see about E12, here are the new webcasts about E12: TechNet Webcast: Improvements to Calendaring in Exchange โ€œ12โ€ (Level 300)Tuesday, April 18, 200611:30 A.M.โ€“12:30 P.M. Pacific Time TechNet Webcast: Exchange โ€œ12โ€ Management Shell and Scripting (Level 300)Thursday, April 20, 200611:30 A.M.โ€“12:30 P.M. Pacific Time TechNet Webcast: The Improved Exchange System Manager for Exchange โ€œ12โ€ (Level 300)Tuesday, April 25, 200611:30 A.M.โ€“12:30 P.M. Pacific Time TechNet Webcast: Recipient Management and Permissions in Exchange “12” (Level 300)Tuesday, May 2, 200611:30 A.M.โ€“12:30 P.M. Pacific Time All the best,Anderson Patricio