Monad has a new name: Windows PowerShell

Hello  everybody,

I saw in connect yesterday the new name of Monad 😀 the new relase of the Monad Shell has this full name: Windows PowerShell .

If you don’t be Beta tester of monad, try it now:

So, if the subject of this post is Beta, we have many interesting products to try.. here are that list of avaiable programs for us:

Program Nomination Start Date Nomination End Date Options
Microsoft Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 Beta 7/22/2005 7/1/2006 Details Apply
Windows Network Developer Platform 9/20/2005   Details Apply
OneNote 2003 10/28/2005   Details Apply
Windows in italiano 11/7/2005   Details Apply
DirectX SDK Public Beta Program 12/1/2005 5/31/2006 Details Apply
SSMA V2 11/28/2005   Details Apply
Commerce Server 2006 Public Beta 12/5/2005 5/26/2006 Details Apply
Certificate Lifecycle Manager Beta 1 2/14/2006 6/30/2006 Details Apply
Systems Management Server v4 (System Center Configuration Manager) Open Beta 2/15/2006   Details Apply
Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.0 – Beta 2/15/2006   Details Apply
Microsoft Dynamics Product Feedback 2/1/2006   Details Apply
Feedback Tool for Interactive Designer Public CTP 1/23/2006   Details Apply
Feedback Tool for Expression Graphic Designer 1/24/2006   Details Apply
Host Integration Server 2006 Public Beta Program 3/31/2006 10/27/2006 Details Apply
SMS 2003 R2 – Open Beta 2/21/2006   Details Apply
Microsoft SMS 2003 Desired Configuration Monitoring: Configuration Manifest Program 2/17/2006 5/31/2006 Details Apply
Speech Server 2007 Beta Program 3/23/2006 6/1/2006 Details Apply
Internet Explorer Feedback 3/21/2006   Details Apply
Virtual Machine Additions for Linux 3/31/2006   Details Apply
Windows Live for Mobile (USA and UK only) 3/29/2006   Details Apply
BizTalk 2006 Best Practices Analyzer 3/29/2006 6/30/2006 Details Apply
Enterprise GO – Partner Program 4/3/2006   Details Apply
Windows Server Deployment Automation Survey 4/5/2006   Details Apply
Windows Security and Directory Services Guide for Unix v1.0 3/27/2006 5/1/2006 Details Apply
Storage Logo Program Beta Users 4/10/2006 4/30/2006 Details Apply
Windows Live per Mobile 4/11/2006   Details Apply
Windows Live für Mobile (English) 4/12/2006   Details Apply
OpsMgr 2007 Public Beta (MOMv3) 4/17/2006   Details Apply
Nomination Survey for Partners – SMSv4 Desired Configuration Management (DCM) 4/17/2006 5/31/2006 Details Apply
USMT 3.0 Beta 4/19/2006 7/31/2006 Details Apply
System Center Essentials Beta 4/20/2006   Details Apply
Microsoft Across America – Connections 4/14/2006   Details Apply
Microsoft Across America – TS2 4/20/2006   Details Apply
Microsoft Windows Driver Kit (WDK) Beta Program 4/20/2006 4/27/2007 Details Apply
exFAT 4/25/2006 12/30/2006 Details Apply
Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1 Beta 4/25/2006 3/30/2007 Details Apply
Windows Live Beta Tester Community 4/24/2006   Details Apply
Wireless USB 4/26/2006 7/1/2006 Details Apply


All the best,
Anderson Patricio

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