Windows PowerShell Ebook

Hello, I received this link from my friend Jose Rodas, there is a free Ebook about Windows PowerShell, follow the link: All the Best,Anderson Patricio

Windows PowerShell: Managing registry

Hello, I’ve contributed with, this is my second tutorial on this site. Windows PowerShell has a functionality to manage registry keys and values (we can add, delete and change). Follow the link: All the best,Anderson Patricio

Do you want to see more about Exchange 2007 OWA?

Hello Everybody, Have you seen the new features on Exchange 2007 OWA? No, it’s not a problem, let’s go : There is a nice video about OWA on Exchange 2007 in this address: and enjoy the new style of exchange team blog 🙂 All the best,Anderson Patricio

Windows PowerShell: Managing services

Hello everybody, I’ve published on some tutorials about Windows PowerShell, the last one is this about Managing services. Follow the link: All the best,Anderson Patricio

More information about Exchange 2003 SP2 + Windows Mobile 5.0

Hello everybody, Today, I saw on Exchange Server page an article about Exchange 2003 SP2 + Windows Mobile 5.0 + Feature Pack, follow the link: Ps.: Exchange Watercooler is a monthly column about Exchange ecosystem. All the Best,Anderson Patricio

Scritp: How to start/resume Public folder Replication

Hello  Everybody, I posted on a small command-line script to start/resume/status of Public Folder replication. Note: that script is based on Exchange Server 2003 SP2, because this feature is avaiable only on it. Follow the script: All the best,Anderson Patricio