Do you know Microsoft Antigen 9.0?

Hello, I haven’t got a plenty of time.. but I’ll post more frequently here.. I promess.. Hang in there! Right now.. I saw in this week a useful webcast about Microsoft Antigen 9.0 on Exchange Server 2003. I’ve seen a lot of key points about this product: Multiple engines, providing a more security system (6 engines on stand alone product and more 4 on enterprise) Cluster support validation of file by type (if you rename the result is the same) spam features centralized report It has a disclaimer feature and more…. You can download this presentation on this link: … Continue reading Do you know Microsoft Antigen 9.0?

Default language on Exchange clients

Hello, I’ve seen some questions about the folder names on Outlook/OWA in MS Forums. I’m going to explain two possible ways to change this behavior: When a mailbox is accessed by first time it receives default language from client and the default folder names had language (Inbox, Sent Items, Outbox and etc..) Method one (by Outlook): It’s very easy, we need run outlook /resetfoldernames and the default folder names will receive the new names based on client language . Method two (by MapiUtil): This is more All the best,Anderson Patricio