Calendar Printing Assistant for Outlook 2007

The Calendar Printing Assistant for Microsoft Outlook 2007 is a program that provides an easy way to print and customize Outlook 2007 calendar information. You can get it here: Technorati : Add-on, Office 2007 : Add-on, Office 2007

Exchange 2007 Offline Address Book Web Distribution

Jim Edelen has posted about the process involving CAS and Mailbox server roles to distribute OAB through HTTP. In the Exhcange Server 2007 Beta 2 we have to enable this feature to use because it is not enable by default. Exchange Server 2007 introduces a new mechanism for distributing Offline Address Books (OAB) that doesn’t require Public Folders. It instead uses HTTP(S) and the Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS). There are several potential advantages of the new distribution mechanism including supporting more concurrent clients, reduced bandwidth usage, and more control over the distribution points. It is important to note that … Continue reading Exchange 2007 Offline Address Book Web Distribution

Controlling attachment size in Exchange Server 2007 Outlook Web Access (OWA)

In this MSExchangeTeam post we’ll understand how to configure OWA to allow larger messages. By default, Exchange 2007 OWA will let you send attachments of up to 30 MB in size. Depending on your situation, you might want to either increase or decrease this number as we have a mechanism by which you can change the default upload limits of file attachments in OWA. Read more at source: Ice Rocket : Attachments size, CAS, Exchange 2007

CA will provide third party support for Exchange 2007

Computer Associates will provide support for Exchange Server 2007. It was announced at Exchange Connections in Las Vegas. Computer Associates has lost favour in recent years (SK: RIP), but they haven’t given up providing full third party support for Exchange Server. At Exchange Connections in Las Vegas this past week, CA announced that we will see a wide range of “risk mitigation and compliance solutions” for Exchange 2007: CA MDY FileSurf to centrally manage records regardless of location or origin CA Message Manager to provide email archiving, electronic data discovery and mailbox management CA BrightStor ARCserve Backup and CA XOsoft … Continue reading CA will provide third party support for Exchange 2007

How can I do in Exchange Server 2007?

The MsExchange team has blogged a matrix with gui features removed versus reason and how we can do that in the Exchange Server 2007. As discussed in the earlier blog post introducing the new Exchange 2007 console, the Exchange Management Console GUI has been completely redesigned in Exchange 2007. While redesigning the Exchange Management Console for Exchange 2007, we used specific ground rules to help guide what features and settings should be exposed in the console and how the console itself should be built. These guidelines allowed us to ensure that we had designed a rich, functional tool that wasn’t … Continue reading How can I do in Exchange Server 2007?

Error message when you try to install an Exchange service pack on a cluster node that is running Exchange Server 2003

Microsoft has published a KB about an error when we are installing Service Pack on a cluster node. This problem occurs if the name of the default mailbox store includes a comma (,) or another special character. For example, this behavior occurs if the display name of the default mailbox store resembles the following display name: Get it here:;en-us;926759&sd=rss&spid=1773