Creating a mailbox usage report using the out-html and out-ie

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We usually see in the MS presentation the guys using a lot of cmdlets and they show the information in the browser directly from the PowerShell.. If you have already seen it, I think you might tried before in your lab without success, right? It occurs because the “out-html” and “out-IE” scripts aren’t found in the default installation. These scripts belong to the Exchange Server 2007 Powershell Scriptacular pack  that were developed by (Vivek Sharma and Mihai Jalobeanu).

But why I’m talking about it? Because we are going to use those scripts to generate a report  🙂

  1. Extract all the files in the Scripts folders that are located under Exchange installation drive (the defaul path is c:\program files\microsoft\Exchange Server\Scripts)

  2. Run the following cmdlet:
    Get-MailboxStatistics | select DisplayName,TotalDeletedItemSize,TotalItemSize,StorageLimitStatus | out-html | out-ie

  3. Now we can see a html report with all mailboxes, TotalDeletedItemSize, TotalItemSize and the status of the Storage Limit settings, as shown in figure below:

If you understand portuguese or you are trying to learn it, you can check out this tutorial at my personal website:

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