Creating Custom Resources for room and equipment mailboxes in Exchange Server 2007

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I’ve been seeing some doubts about Custom Resources in Exchange Server 2007.. Then… I realize that it is time to write something about it.

By default all Resource mailboxes have a tab called Resource Information, as it follows:

Then, when we click on Add there is nothing, so time to start our own Custom Resources.. We are able to create custom resources using ONLY the Exchange Management Shell.

Visualizing the Custom Resources..


 Creating Custom Resources..

$resource = Get-resourceconfig 


Set-ResourceConfig -Instance $resource

Removing Custom Resources..

$resource = Get-ResourceConfig


Note: We can use only Room and Equipment before the “/”

Set-ResourceConfig -Instance $resource

Visualizing Custom Resources…

Visualizing the custom resources created for the Equipment mailboxes

Visualizing the custom resources created for the Room mailboxes 

The same post can be found in Portuguese, at this address:

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