How to enabled POP3 debug in Exchange Server 2007

Hello folks,   Even in Exchange Server 2007 sometimes we may enable POP3 debug during troubleshooting procedures 🙂 . To enable the debug of POP3 we can do these following steps: Open the file Microsoft.Exchange.Pop3.exe.config . It can be found at X:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\ClientAccess\PopImap Change the ProtocolLog to True    Restart the POP3 Service, and now we can see the log generated after the last restart, as it follows:   Best Regards,Anderson Patricio

Visualizing the Exchange Server 2007 setup log files through Exchange Management Shell

Hello folks,  Exchange Server 2007 has a bunch of scripts to facilitate our daily tasks. One of them is the Get-Setuplog.ps1 that allows us to see the Setup Log file using Exchange Management Shell, the nice thing of this script is the different collor for each type of event (Error = Red, Warning = Yellow and Regular Messages = white). Best Regards,Anderson Patricio

Creating an Equipment Address List in Exchange Server 2007

Hello folks, By default, Exchange Server 2007 has an All Rooms address list, and how about Equipment Mailboxes? We do not have it, so.. If you want to create using Exchange Management Console forget it, because it is not possible, we have to use Exchange Management Shell (Power Shell) to accomplish the task. Then.. let’s go..  To create a new address list to all Equipment mailbox we will use the New-AddressList cmdlet, as it follows: New-AddressList -Name ‘All Equipments’ -RecipientFilter “(ResourceType -eq ‘Equipment’)” Now we can go back to Exchange Management Console and we can check the new address list … Continue reading Creating an Equipment Address List in Exchange Server 2007

System unavailable message appears in Exchange Server 2007 after the ForeFront installation

Hello Folks, I’ve worked in a customer that started to get the system unavailable message message in all the webservices after a ForeFront installation. Some of the symptoms: Three of the Application Pools on the IIS Services manager are stopped and we cannot start them OWA, Autodiscover, OAB returns the same error message: System Unavailable Event ID 2268 and 2274 with source W3SVC-WP Then, what’s the problem? How can I solve it? Here is the Microsoft KB to solve this issue: Best Regards,Anderson Patricio

Installing the DPM Management Shell

Hello Folks, I’ve been working with DPM since the previous versions and yesterday I started to play with DPM v2. In this blog post I will cover the installation of the DPM Management Shell portion of the product. The initial screen, click on Install DPM Management Shell. License Terms, If you agree Accept and click on OK.   Welcome. Just click Next Prerequsites Check. The setup will validate the prerequisites, click on Next. Installation Settings. We can change the installation folder, after that click on Next. Installation. Just click on Close to start to manage the DPM through DPM Management … Continue reading Installing the DPM Management Shell

Changing the Queue Database path in Exchange Server 2007

Hello folks,  Today, we are going to visualize how to change the Queue Database in Exchange Server 2007. That feature is one of the innovations of Exchange Server 2007 which uses the ESE engine to control the queue. The queue database is found only in two server roles: Hub and Edge Transport. Let’s see how to change it: The default path of the Queue database and transaction log is “C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\TransportRoles\data\Queue”. To change this settings, we should open the file EdgeTransport.exe.config in this file we have to parameters: QueueDatabasePath: Database path (mail.que and trn.chk files) QueueDatabaseLoggingPath: transaction logs path (*.log … Continue reading Changing the Queue Database path in Exchange Server 2007

Archiving Solutions for Exchange Server 2007

Hello folks, We can see many times in the Exchange Server 2007 documentation that we can keep information in a SharePoint server, but there is not any link explaining how can we do that. So I’ve made some researches about the subject and here are the solution: Read the blog about it, where we can use Sharepoint to keep the messages Records Management in Exchange Server 2007 and Outlook 2007 in 5 Easy Steps -> Email Records Management, Part 1 -> E-mail Records Management, Part 2 -> E-mail Records Management, Part 3: E-mail Retention -> … Continue reading Archiving Solutions for Exchange Server 2007

Managing the Language in the OWA Virtual Directory

Hello folks, By default when a new mailbox access the OWA after the first logon the following screen appears, and we should choose the language and time zone settings:   How can we remove this screen? It’s easy just set up the DefaultClientLanguage parameter in the OWA virtual directory, using the following cmdlet:  Set-OwaVirtualDirectory -identity “Owa (Default Web Site)” -DefaultClientLanguagage <language code> Now, all the first logon will be using the language that we choose in the language code, here are some language codes: English (Canada) : 4105 Portuguese (Brazil): 1046 French(Canada): 3084 Now let’s go some procedures: List the DefaultClientLanguage of determined … Continue reading Managing the Language in the OWA Virtual Directory Article: Understanding Transport Agents (Part 2)

Hello folks, Yesterday was released my second article about Transport Agents, here is the link:  By the way, If you want to read the first part of this article we can look at Best Regards,Anderson Patricio