Managing the Language in the OWA Virtual Directory

Hello folks,

By default when a new mailbox access the OWA after the first logon the following screen appears, and we should choose the language and time zone settings:


How can we remove this screen? It’s easy just set up the DefaultClientLanguage parameter in the OWA virtual directory, using the following cmdlet: 

Set-OwaVirtualDirectory -identity “Owa (Default Web Site)” -DefaultClientLanguagage <language code>

Now, all the first logon will be using the language that we choose in the language code, here are some language codes:

  • English (Canada) : 4105

  • Portuguese (Brazil): 1046

  • French(Canada): 3084

Now let’s go some procedures:

  1. List the DefaultClientLanguage of determined server

    Get-OwaVirtualDirectory | Sect Name,DefaultClientLanguage

  2. Setting up the OWA* virtual directory to use Portuguese as default language. It means that all new mailboxes user in this OWA will not receive the Language selection screen in the first logon.

    Set-OwaVirtual Directory -Identity ‘owa*’ -DefaultClientLanguage:1046

  3. Validating the Language value in the mailboxes

    Get-Mailbox | Select Name,Languages


 Note: When you change for a value different than 0, this value is not filled out in the user attribute, when you return the value to 0, all the users that haven’t choosen yet the value will receive the option to choose.

Now we can see a new mailbox receive the Portuguese automatically

Note: To rollback the settings to the normal behavior, just set up the language code with the 0 value.


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Anderson Patricio

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