Enabling Unified Messaging mailboxes

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Today we are gonna play with the Unified Message, we will be enabling an Unfiied Messaging user and we will be visualizing how to configure some UM feature on OWA and Outlook 2007. Let’s go..

First of all, Open the Exchange Management Console, choose the user and click on Enable Unified Messaging.. on the Toolbox Actions. By the way, you need a UM Server deployed in your network.

Enable Unified Messaging. We can assign a pre-defined UM Policy, clicking on Browse..

Choosing a pre-existent UM policy.

Now, we can set up a mailbox extension number and specify the PIN’s user. Let’s click on “Automatically generate PIN to access Outlook Voice Access”, click on Enabled.

Now on the user side that user will receive a message with their PIN.

The user has a news option under Options at OWA called Voice Mail. In this section the user can set up his OVA (Outlook Voice Access) features, such as Missed Call Notifications, Reset PIN and define which folder will be readed by OVA.

On the Outlook 2007, the user will have a new tab called Voice Mail with the same options that we have just seen on the OWA.

In this post we have seen how to enabled an user to use the UM features, and we also saw how to configure the UM feature on the OWA and Outlook 2007.

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