Configuring Agent Logs in Exchange Server 2007

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Exchange 2007 allows us to track what the transport agent are doing through Get-AgentLog cmdlet.

But we can do a little bit more in this subject, here are three Q&A about AgentLog in general. If you have more questions about this topic please feel free to send them to me and I will be answering and adding into this post.

#01. Which Transport Agents are covered by Get-Agentlog?
Here they are: Connection Filter, Content Filter, Edge Rules, Recipient Filter, Sender Filter and Sender ID.

#02. Do I need to remove the log files generated?
No, the maximum size for the AgentLog directory folder is 250MB and the maximum age for the files is 30 days.

#03. How can I disable the AgentLog?
It’s easy we can edit the EdgeTransport.exe.config and there is a key called AgentLogEnabled we can set to true (enabled) or false (disabled). We need to restart the Transport Services to apply the changes.

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One thought on “Configuring Agent Logs in Exchange Server 2007

  1. I have Exchange Server 2007 with Hub transport installed, and I want to write a script that read the incoming email body and parse that to extract data from that. My email server is kind of “email to blog” and hence need to perform a TRansportAgent.

    Do I really need to have Edge Server role install?
    Please guide

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